When inspiration strikes
music begins.


From humble beginnings, KAM, whose initials come from his name Kadeem Alphonso Martin, is the only son of a single hard-working mother. His determination to excel despite his circumstances pushed him towards writing.

He found through English teachers that he was very intellectually talented when it came to pen and paper. He then transformed that and began adding beats, which led to his passion for music and ultimately rap.

From the age of 12 he began writing and perfecting his art and never stopped. He always said that it saved him from going astray and being part of gangs, which have taken so many of his friends’ lives.

Being a “pretty face hard boy” as he is called by women and peers, he stands out amongst a crowd because of his height (6′ 3″), determination, resilience and defying social norms.

Black single male, dead or in jail! He refused to become a statistic. KAM has written and composed each song specifically for your enjoyment!

Potential plus a dream equals unlimitedness! And a truGod determination to excel through his God-given talent… we present to you, son of the King…King KAM…Kiss the Ring!